3-Way Futon Frames

What makes the 3-Way Futon Frame so versatile?

The 3-Way extends, reclines, retracts, lays flat, sits up and can generally be configured to suit your comfort mood. The extension slides straight outto support your legs in its extended position. The extension also drops to the floor to create the the unique "steamer position". The extension is easily removable, it hooks on and off.

The extension slides back into the seat turning the 3-Way intoa normal loveseat (no extension utilized). The backrest will tilt back into reclining position (as do all our futon bodies). The 3-Way also becomes a bed on a moments notice.

The 3-Way comes in both 54" and 39" widths: 54” for use with a full size mattress 39” for use with a twin size mattress The 3-Way is easy to assemble and easy to convertinto its many comfortable positions.

The 3-Way Futon Frame is also known as a “Futon Lounger” Frame. Any futon mattress cover is available with any frame.

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